Strategies for winning in Online Casinos

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The chances

The result of each rotation is generated by a computer program that calculates random results. This is the case in both online gaming and in casino hotels. The slot machine can easily be programmed in the way that they pay out a certain percentage of bets. This payout rate can be for example 95 Euros for every 100 Euros. The remaining 5 Euros go to the casino as its profit. Of course this is only an example. It is possible – with a little luck on your side – that you win hundreds or thousands of Euros, or even the jackpot, with a single push of a button.

Common myths

It is a widespread myth that slot machines are the least profitable gaming machines at a casino. The truth is, however, that by bad bets on craps or blackjack tables you can do much worse than at any slot machines. Bets on slot machines are very similar to bets in roulette.
Another widespread belief is that a slot machine, which just paid out a big sum pays out again after a short while. Truth is that – statistically speaking – every turn is completely random and totally unrelated to the previous turn.

Profit Strategies

Most slot machines reward you extra for games with a higher bet. For example, the jackpot for a bet of 2 coins can be 2,000 coins, for a bet of 3 coins it can very well be 4,000 coins. If you’re not particularly comfortable with playing the maximum bet, you should seek a slot machine that accepts lower bets. E.g. Instead of playing on a machine where one coin is valid 1 Euro, play on a machine where one coin is valid only 25 cents.
Play at casino that promise the best payout percentage. Casinos want to make a lot of revenue so they are ready to pay out higher percentages.
If you play at a progressive (jackpot) slot machine, then you should not forget that you probably have to play maximum bet in order to have a chance at the jackpot.