Online casinosOnline Casino Jackpot Win offer features that are desirable and also offer a higher quality gaming experience than land-based casinos. Online you can, for example, reset your bet on roulette with a click of the mouse, replace it, etc. On a roulette wheel with a single zero. You can play online slots that offer higher payouts than the one-armed bandits in Las Vegas or other casinos; sometimes up to 99%. For video poker players the almost endless number of different variants and slot machines is certainly a reason to choose an online casino. This multitude of different variants simply does not exist at land-based casinos.

To simplify your search for one of your first online casinos and the gaming experience there, just follow our tips to get a jackpot. If you use these rules as guidelines for your first online gaming experience, you should be able to do so without a problem.

Good luck starting your online gaming experience and hopefully you will be one of those who will like it and win the online casino jackpot.

Online Casino Tips for Beginners

Find out first about the online gambling laws in your country Since online gambling is illegal in some countries, you should definitely find out what the legal situation in your country is before you even start wagering or betting to place. Since the legal situation can change from one day to the next, you should keep yourself informed about the current situation and which law is now valid.
Read the available reviews of the online casino you want to play at Legitimate online casinos have detailed information pages that inform and inform players about the license and location, administration, managing directors and operators, payout guidelines and game rules, as well as help and contact information.

In order to protect yourself from illegal or unlicensed online casinos that, for example, do not pay you the bonus, always hold up the terms and conditions as an excuse or want to take advantage of you in any other way, you should ALWAYS do research BEFORE going to an online casino.

Go to websites like this one for the evaluation and evaluation of online casinos, as well as forums and information portals with experiences from players. In particular, you should look out for the licensing and the legal situation, how long the casino has been in operation, the reputation of the casino with its players and in the industry (the forums or information portals are best for this). Really take the time to read the independent reviews before you even think about opening your wallet.

Always play the free version of casino games first You should always play for free first before you use your hard-earned money. So you have the opportunity to assess this casino or the game first. If there is no option to play for free; go to another casino as most reputable casinos ALWAYS offer a demo version to try out. No demo version is offered; be suspicious. Playing for free or testing enables you to identify any problems before you potentially cause financial damage online.

Example: If the betting mechanism at a special online casino lets the player go up the wall before he has even wagered real money, you should get to the bottom of the whole thing first.

It is very important to know that you do not start out rashly with online gambling. The large number of online casinos available means that potential problems, such as the lack of a local network connection for a particular site, or perhaps a casino game that is not compatible with your computer, can be avoided when you switch to another online casino.

Do some customer service research before playing Casinos with a good reputation offer their customers a free telephone hotline around the clock, every day of the year. Also check out the different ways in which you can contact customer service, such as fax, email, live chat. Go one step further and test these services by asking questions to employees, among other things. This way you can determine for yourself how long it takes to ensure that customer service is competent and friendly. You should also test the accessibility and availability of customer service. What’s the use of a phone number if you’re in the queue for more than 30 minutes, right?

A general email address for the casino means that the customer service network may be overloaded with messages and for this reason, the customer service staff is overwhelmed and the response times are correspondingly long.

Investigate the deposit and withdrawal options One of the most widely used methods for depositing and withdrawing funds is the so-called “e-wallet” services, in other words, electronic wallets.

If in your research you come across a casino that charges easy withdrawal fees, it would be wise and prudent to look for another online casino where the customer, you, is king. It would never occur to a good casino in the industry to charge customers for withdrawing their own money.

Compare the bonuses offered by the different casinos To both attract players and to be able to keep them, most casinos offer bonuses on a regular basis. This includes regular bonuses for referring the casino to friends, registration bonuses, loyalty bonuses and others. The reason why the better online casinos offer this is obvious – they want to express their gratitude to the players. Bonuses have the advantage that you have more money available in the game account and can thus try out more games or make more bets. You should definitely avoid casinos that don’t offer bonuses.
The same game, but different payout percentages at different casinos Since online games are software products, you shouldn’t be too surprised by the payout percentages, house/bank commission, and anything else; by that, I mean that you can theoretically set it up so that the software gives the house/bank an advantage. This is not to say, of course, that casinos have such a rather unpleasant practice; but with some online casinos, it is the case that the player has a higher chance of winning, and you should take this into account when choosing a casino.

If you are an avid roulette player, you would of course not choose a roulette wheel with a double zero, but one with a single zero. Find a casino that gives you the option to do this. If you are more of a craps player and want to have the choice of double or triple free chances of winning, then you would prefer a casino that offers you this option. You can usually find this information in the “Game Rules and Options” section of the relevant casino website. If this type of information is not available, it is best to contact customer service and ask. If no or only incomplete answers are given to you; just go to another casino.

Most casinos offer a payout table on their websites and ultimately the reputation already ensures whether it is a reputable casino or not. This is another example of the importance and also the need to investigate; especially in an industry that regulates itself. A good reputation generally means a good paytable.

Make sure that your personal information is handled confidentially There are certain things that you should keep an eye out for before you decide to go to an online casino and register and play for real money. For example, a casino should always use good and secure encryption technology so that your registration data and later also your transactions cannot be viewed by third parties or even used for misuse.

You should go one step further and check whether a symbolized padlock appears at the bottom right-hand end of the web browser when you visit the casino website, indicating a secure connection to the website. Also make sure that the URL of the website starts with https: // instead of the usual http: //. Casinos sometimes don’t go the extra mile for customers when it comes to security. In one case it was the case that a casino guaranteed us certain security precautions, but only offered us a “regular”, ie not SSL-secured website.

Always play to win Playing online gives you the luxury of taking your time. You should also have game aids readily available that explain and show you video poker or blackjack strategies, for example, so that you have the best possible advantage. Nobody will know or care what you are doing in order to improve your skills, your game, etc. and to make you a better player. This means that you can just win more.
Have fun One of the downsides to internet gambling is the absence of free drinks and the charming staff that one can experience at a land-based casino. For this reason, you should make your online gambling experience as pleasant as possible.


How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Have you ever wondered about the progressive jackpotsProgressive Online Casino Jackpots you keep seeing in land-based and online casinos? Progressive jackpot games can be some of the most enticing games in casinos, but they also have different payout percentages and there are different ways you can optimize your chances of winning.

If you’ve ever wandered around a land-based casino or visited an online casino, you’ve surely seen the bright signs or stickers that indicate ever-increasing dollar amounts – these are the progressive jackpots. These progressive jackpots are of course very tempting but can be a bit confusing for beginners or inexperienced casino players.

A progressive jackpot is typically used on slot machines or video poker machines and shows the amount of money a player would win should he or she hit the jackpot (placing the top combination or hand for the respective machine was caught). Progressive jackpots grow a small amount with every game played on a machine. Many machines share a jackpot so that it grows continuously when one of the linked machines is played. The growth amount of the jackpot is determined in advance by the casino.

The progressive jackpots can reach huge amounts (in the millions of dollars) if players keep playing without hitting the jackpot. On the other hand, your favorite game may have a low progressive jackpot. This could be because someone recently hit that jackpot so that it is back at a low amount.

As mentioned, progressive jackpots are linked to other machines or via the internet. This then creates extremely high jackpots that grow faster as multiple players from multiple locations add to the jackpot.

To win a progressive jackpot, you must read the “fine print” of the rules of the game. Players typically need to wager the maximum number of coins per spin to qualify. However, all bets contribute to the progressive jackpot increase, regardless of whether you insert the maximum number of coins or not.

There are a few other games besides video poker and slot machines that have progressive jackpots. Caribbean Stud Poker often has a progressive jackpot that is won when a lucky player hits the royal flush. Some online casinos also offer variations of blackjack, roulette, and a few other games as progressive jackpots.

Popular progressive jackpots in land-based casinos are the Wheel of Fortune slot machine and Caribbean Stud Poker. There are many progressive jackpots in the various online casinos that are hugely popular, including the Mega Moolah and Millionaire’s Club slot machines offered by many online casinos.

Online Casino Payout Percentages

One of the most important factors when playing in an online casino is the payout percentages (also known as ‘payout percentages’). Online casinos often publish their payout percentages (such as the Spin Palace Casino regulated by eCOGRA, for example, on the left in the picture). It is crucial to ensure that this payout percentage has also been verified by a trusted third party. Payout percentages that have been properly checked contribute significantly to the fairness and security of an online casino.

What is a payout percentage?

The casino payout percentage is a percentage that shows the average percentage of a player’s bets or stakes that are paid back to him. For example: If a player plays at an online casino, which has a payout rate of 97%, then on average with a stake of 100 €, 97 € will be paid back to the player. In this example, the online casino has a house advantage over the player of 3%. Thus, a payout rate of 97% is better for the player than a payout rate of 90%. Most online casinos also publish the payout percentages of individual games such as video poker, roulette, blackjack, etc.

It is important to note that this payout percentage is an average number and is not guaranteed! So that doesn’t mean that you will get back € 97 every time you wager € 100 at an online casino with an average payout ratio of 97%.

In addition, a payout ratio of 95% for one slot machine and 95% for another can still offer very different gaming experiences for a player. One slot machine could pay out very rarely, but then in very large sums, while the other slot machine very often pays out small amounts to the player. Both slot machines can therefore have the same payout percentage, but a player who only plays on both for a short period of time would have very different experiences.

The way the payout percentages of land-based and online casinos are calculated is very similar. As a rule, however, online casinos have better payout percentages than land-based casinos.

Different average payout percentages compared

  • Blackjack: 98.5%
  • Roulette: 97.5%
  • Online slot machines: 95% -98%
  • Online casinos: 96.5%
  • Land-based casinos in Las Vegas 91%
  • Keno: 75%
  • Horse betting 70% -80%

What is a good payout rate for an online casino?

You cannot rely on the payout percentage in any given period. The casino may have paid out some large jackpots this month due to the randomness of the games, so the payout percentages seem very good for that specific month. A fair online casino will publish different payout percentages every month. Hence, it is better to look at the payout percentages over the past 6 months. In our experience, a good payout percentage for an online casino is 96.5% or higher, which means that the casino will keep 3.5% of the stakes. This is a much higher payout percentage for the player compared to land-based casinos.

Casino software and certificates

As a player, you should consider the following factors when choosing your online casino and your casino game: The chances of winning the game in general, the payout percentages of the online casino, the software that the online casino operates, and the authorities or the company that check these payout percentages and regulate.

The best online casino software companies are Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic, and Boss Media. The majority of all known online casinos are operated by one of these software companies. The results of games such as roulette, blackjack, video poker, and all slot machines are decided by a random number generator or RNG, which uses complex mathematical algorithms to produce really random results. The online roulette wheel spins just as randomly as that in a land-based casino. You should note that the payout percentages are different for every online casino, even if they use the same software platform. This means that not all online casinos from the software manufacturer Playtech, for example, have the same payout percentages.

An important question regarding payout percentages is whether the online casino actually pays out this percentage? A security certificate should confirm this (you can usually find this on the homepage of the casino website). These certificates are only valid if genuine, independent organizations have issued them. The following are the top authorities: The Online Players Association (OPA), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Ernst & Young, and eCOGRA (E-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). If an online casino has made efforts to obtain certification from one of these organizations, you can be assured that the casino takes fairness and security seriously and that the published payout percentage is actually correct.

How to Choose the Right Online Casino?

It’s not that easy to find the right online casino these days. It is estimated that there are more than 1000 casinos on the internet and each of these casinos is trying to outdo the competition with incredibly enticing bonuses and promotions. In addition, it is very difficult to know who to trust. So how is a normal person supposed to find the right online casino? There’s no easy answer, but here we’re going to give you some guidelines.


First, you should find a casino that is legally allowed to play at. This shouldn’t be a problem for German players, but if you live in the United States or any other country it can be a little trickier. Chinese players, for example, shouldn’t play in an online casino because it’s illegal in China. Once you’ve found an online casino that you can play legally at, there are a few more things to check before making your first deposit.


You need to make sure that the online casino you want to play at is trustworthy. A good way to check this is by first finding out where the casino is licensed. If the casino is licensed in Gibraltar, Malta, Alderney, Antigua, and Barbuda, or Kahnawake, you can be sure that the casino is properly regulated. At an online casino that is licensed in Eastern Europe, it is better not to play.

Another thing to check is which software provider the casino is using. Most online casinos do not develop their own software but buy ready-made software from one of the well-known manufacturers such as Playtech or Microgaming. The games from these software providers are known to be completely fair and are checked by third-party institutions to make sure everything happens randomly. You should also locate fair gaming seals like the one from eCOGRA. If you want to play at an eCOGRA verified casino, you can be sure that this casino is completely trustworthy and safe.

Good customer service

Good customer service is another and important factor when choosing an online casino and helps you determine whether an online casino is really reputable. A good online casino should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best online casinos have a free telephone number for German players, a live chat function, and an e-mail service.

The free test

Once you have made sure that the casino is trustworthy, you should give it a try. If the casino only has downloadable software, click Download, install the software and then practice for free in Demo / Fun mode. If there is a Flash version of the software (without a download), then try the Flash version first and save yourself the download. Test the games that interest you before you deposit for the first time. If you don’t like the software, the way a game works, or you don’t understand how to play, this may well not be the ideal online casino for you to win.

Player Opinions

After testing some online casinos in this way, you will most likely find the perfect casino to win your jackpot. Now is the time to do a quick look online to see if there are any pending complaints or lawsuits against the casino. Note that some complaints from gamers can be expected in an online forum. There are always dissatisfied players who did not get their expected bonus because they did not read the small print bonus conditions beforehand. These people can make a bad name for even the most reputable casino. However, if you find dozens of people complaining about the withdrawal policy or anything else of the casino of your choice, you should play elsewhere.