Casino Bonus

The Welcome Bonus
Today, almost all casinos offer a free welcome bonus for new players.
The casinos offer different forms of Welcome bonusses. There is the so-called "Match" bonus on the first deposit, eg "Get a 200% bonus on your first deposit”.

The welcome bonus is in almost all cases subject to certain conditions. Since the welcome bonus is a free money gift, the casinos want to make sure that the player is not just signing on for the bonus and then leaves again. No online casino would survive that way for long.
Normally the player has to bet multiple times the amount of his bonus before the casino allows a pay-off.

Casino A offers a welcome bonus of 500 $:
Before you can withdraw your bonus you have to bet 4 times the amount of your bonus plus your first deposit. (which is actually a very fair offer!)
eg: To receive the full bonus amount of 500 $ a player has to make a first deposit of 300 $. After 4 times the amount of bonus plus first deposit has been generated (300 $ + 500 $) x 4 = 3,200 $) you can cash out the bonus. This happens usually quite fast, if you don’t play too risky. Then the money can be paid out immediately.


Hint: if you want full control about when to make a withdrawal off your account, you can simply refuse the bonus. Although you can sometimes miss very interesting extras, you can have your winnings paid out immediately.

Monthly Bonus Offers
In addition to the Welcome Bonus almost all casinos have weekly or monthly bonus offers. These are usually communicated by newsletter and can be very attractive. The amount of these bonuses often depends on how much revenue a player generates (a player with high revenue is a so-called "High Roller" and receives the best bonus offers).

Players Club, loyalty programs
In most casinos when you register you will also automatically enter a players club or a loyalty program. These programs are designed to ensure that you choose to stay with the casino. You get bonus points or other extras in return. The more you play, the better you will be treated and rewarded.

Bonuses with certain deposit methods
In most casinos, you receive a free bonus if you use an alternative online payment method instead of a credit card, like Neteller, Moneybookers, Paysafecard, Firepay, etc. Why do casinos offers such a bonus? Quite simply, these payment methods are more favourable than credit cards, where the casino has to pay 1-2 % of the amount as charge to the credit card company.
You can find more on payment methods here.

Sticky Bonus
This expression stands for "non-withdrawable funds", which means the bonus can not be paid out. In case you want to withdraw money from your account, the Sticky Bonus will be subtracted first from your wins. The downside is obvious, the bonus can not be cashed out. The advantage lies in the amount of the bonus (usually 200-300%) and the relatively lower revenue requirements. If you deposit 100 € and receive 200 € as a bonus, it can be easier, with a little luck, to reach 1000 or 2000 €. The revenue requirements are usually in 8 times the amount of your deposit, which is reasonable. Therefore, sticky bonuses should not be seen negatively, but as an extra-chance for a good profit.

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